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> I do not believe (and hope) that Rust will be used in line of business applications as it is simply much harder to master than C# or Java. Some companies will always claim they need that last drop of performance, but believe me, in most cases they don't.

As someone who cares about the environment, I welcome more code to be written in rusty. On average you get more performance out of each CPU cycle and thus better bang for electricity.

What makes Rust wonderful in my view, in addition to better performance per cycle, is that it comes with a huge library of in a very simple form addressable by semantic version, if you wish.

The likes of Fedora and Debian think this is beneficial enough to include libraries this way. Maybe you can't use Cargo due to network restrictions where you need to build? No worry, you can include those libraries using the 'vendor' sub-module.

Rust just hits all the nice spots for me, good memory management, some duck typing, no garbage collection, wonderful library management and very, very fast. Oh and clippy/fmt stop in-office/team disputes about how things should b done. Oh and unit tests there from the start. What is there to no like once you understand borrowing and lifetimes?

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