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Not seeing much here to convince me bother trying either.

Depends what kind of game err.. floats your boat. I think my favorite in the franchise was probably Black Flag, mainly for the sea shanties. A theme for me though is the open world environment. Many of this kind of game have annoying features, like knee-high walls you can't climb over. Or hills you can't crest. Might be 'open world', but devs funnel you along the path they've chosen.

But a beauty of the Assassins Creed games is the environment. It looks good, and you can pretty much go anywhere. And then play it as a sneak'em up, or leeroy in, axes swinging. One peeve from previous games though is sometimes the timed quests. One had me pursuing a target by boat, then into an enemy camp.. and you had to do every move click-perfect, or fail the mission. I really hate those QTE-like quests, especially if they're key ones.

Oh, and the adult-sized children? They're probably just Dutch settlers..

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