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I often go to the far east and bought a Pocophone F1 just after its release in September 2018 to use in the East. Back in the UK I just connect it to wifi and use it for browsing, emails, Telegram, YouTube, WhatsApp etc. It still has regular updates, on Android 10 with security patch 1 September 2020. It is a solid phone with very good battery life. The WiFi and Signal receptions are better than my iPhone 11 ( which has the inferior Intel Modem ).

The Pocophone F2 is much better with better screen but is now expensive , one common problem with moderately expensive Pocos is the limited 4G/LTE Bands covering mainly EU and some countries in the Far East so don't expect it to have good 4G reception in the US.

Even the similarly priced or even cheaper Pixel 4a, iPhone SE 2020, OnePlus Noord have more than double the number of LTE bands. I expect the phones priced £400 -£500 to have more LTE bands coverage than what most if not all the top of the range Xiaomi phones have. For that reason I won't be buying Xiaomi phone if POCO F1 is unusable because it needs a new battery ( 94% at present ). If you don't go to the US and rarely go abroad Xiaomi phones are good value.

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