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I wish people would stop comparing Chinese apples with Japanese oranges.

China is a strict authoritarian dictatorship whose education system is carefully managed and curated by the Chinese Communist Party. Japan has been a liberal democracy since 1947.

I have had the somewhat unique experience of early education in the UK, Chinese and Taiwanese school systems. My experience with Chinese teachers has been very negative, you are expected to learn by rote with a very narrow focus and there is almost zero leeway for discussion or debate. You have a lot of smart kids getting 100% on algebra exams but with no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

"We'd better get on board with China or get left behind" is an understandable but dangerous way of thinking if you value democracy. The PRC is currently doing some pretty awful things to its own people and Asia at large, and the Communist Party has openly stated that they wish to challenge western democratic systems and export Chinese autocracy around the world.

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