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Xiaomi revenues up by a third due to strong phone sales and triple-digit European growth


I bought a Pocophone F1 (xiaomi) couple of years ago. Cost me something like 200 quid. It had what was then a top of the range processor, decent RAM. Also bought my wife a Xiaomi, and then my daughter just a few months ago. Battery life is excellent, performance really good and nice camera too. The screen is maybe the weakest part, only in that it's not OLED, but still really crisp and brightness ok unless you're outside in bright sunlight. Back is plastic rather than glass, but for me that's a bonus because it's tougher. And they provide a free rubber case, and you really need a case on any phone anyway so the finish on the back of a phone is wasted on most users anyway.

I get how people might pay multiples of price for desktop workstations or laptops with top notch processors and loaded with RAM for intensive tasks, but I really don't see any economic argument for 1000 quid phones. I am pretty sure that there is no performance benefit that would really improve productivity for anyone on the kind of tasks you do on a phone like talking, emails and a bit of browsing.

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