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A long time ago, for work, I was taught basic photography by an (ex) professional news photographer.

Ex: "Tim99, what is the best camera for work?" Me: "I’m not sure - A K1000?" Ex: "No - It’s the one you have with you!".

Ex had several other gems of wisdom: "What’s an expensive camera good for?" - "Gentlemen’s jewellery!" (He meant showing off, by hanging it around your neck). "Why should you always leave your camera in auto-mode?" - "Because by the time that you have faffed about with range and exposure, whatever it was you were going to photograph has finished!".

Ex was also a fan of Polaroid Land 5x4 cameras, because you knew, on site, that you actually had a photo that you could use - Instead of going back to the lab and developing a rubbish negative.

And that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, you should have a decent-ish camera phone to hand...

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