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I doubt Israel has really put much effort into that. If this were an Israeli government project, it wouldn't have been handed over to the Saudis with no stated restrictions. While Israel and Saudi Arabia have at times collaborated against common enemies like Iran, they otherwise have had a rather tempestuous relationship. NSO has sold this utility to the Saudis, and if Israel was going to do anything about that, it would have been months ago. There are three options here: 1) Israel knew about it and is more willing to help Saudi Arabia and a couple other countries with repression than I thought, 2) NSO didn't ask Israel about it and Israel didn't bother to investigate, or 3) Israel has chosen not to prosecute a company for their own reasons. I would hazard a guess at option 3, with the reasons being that NSO is providing them with some tools and/or providing an ally of theirs who suggested to the Israelis not to do anything.

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