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Spooky Intelligence Servers as a Service

If I write a program to exploit something and it is traced back to me, I,ve broken the law at least twice; at home for providing a hacking tool, and two, the law of the targets home state. That is, unless I have diplomatic immunity - by being a spy, my only protection.

Choose your customers wisely; or pay the price. ........ YetAnotherJoeBlow

Wise customers don't need to rely on diplomatic immunity providing any sort of protection for spying ..... or anything else one can imagine might be terrifically convenient, YetAnotherJoeBlow, .... once they are engaged with the very best of Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalised Information Suppliers.

And even should they prove and tend to be expensive, it is wise to pay the price for too cheap buys one peanuts and monkeys rather than crown jewels and guardian knights.

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