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Apple braces for antitrust woes by letting users select and install third-party apps during setup of iOS 14.3


Let's move these deckchairs over there!

The problem with all of these tiny things like browser choice screens is they are a tiny step in the right direction then the battle has to be started again.

Microsoft which bundled IE into Windows also had an Office monopoly that helped keep people using Windows. Anti-trust achieved a browser selector, Microsoft otherwise was allowed to continue on. Buying other rivals, bundling products together, leveraging their monopoly. This is not an anti-Micorsoft rant, Google did similar things by repeatedly shouting that google would work better on their own browser, leveraging their search monopoly for browser monopoly. And in many ways who can blame them, if you have a monopoly and you make a new product why would you not use the popularity of one to improve the use of the other?

I just don't see this being fixed with a few selection dialogues, that target a feature or two out of the vast ecosystems of intertwined and ingrained monopolies. These companies grow and grow. Tech news is always full of speculation of which big company will buy any new popular service. We need to split them up and a lot of the big ones need to be split up 3-4 ways. Google is ready, each of their sub companies can still have their own messaging app.

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