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Apple braces for antitrust woes by letting users select and install third-party apps during setup of iOS 14.3

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Re: Time to end this nonsense.

Otherwise we'll be back to where we had an internet connection but no programs to download anything.

Who else remembers trumpet winsock and having to ftp from a command line to download a browser?

So, er, you had a program to download a browser. In Windows 95 it was FTP. In Windows 7 it was the browser ballot screen. And now in iOS it's the first-run process.

When an os is installed or upgraded it should just install the default apps for web browsing and email.

So it should uninstall any other browsers you've downloaded when you update the OS to a later version?

Finally this screen is shown or not depending on where you are. If they had any confidence in their own apps they would offer it to everyone.

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