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Maybe no longer a state secret, but still an invaluable weapon to be rightly feared

Prosecutors are extremely nervous of public scrutiny of the EncroChat case in Britain and it is somewhat surprising that the judicial review judgment was published at all in light of efforts to deter reporting of it. Interestingly, the NCA appears not to have cared that foreign police were hacking Britons, with the judgment noting that the French and Dutch forces told the NCA that they were going to hoover up messages from Britons regardless of whether or not they were given permission.

With the billions of pounds unaccounted for by UKGBNI government ministers/officials/departments in this current frenetic pandemic splurge of QE funds, such as the above must be a serious constant worry for anyone dodgy imagining they have Wilson Doctrine like protection against stealthy state snooping.

It does appear to be something of an exclusive selfish Parliamentary confection though which I'm sure many would cry is most unfair and extremely inequitable, if we're all supposed to be treated as equals and in this together ......

Since it was established, the development of new forms of communication, such as mobile phones and email, has led to extensions of the doctrine. However, it was never extended to cover members of the new devolved legislatures.

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