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Californians OK'd Prop 22, Uber and Lyft tell appeals court. So how about we let gig workers be gig workers?

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AB5 Earnings

Unfortunately, drivers didn’t get the opportunity to find out how AB5 would really affect them over the last 10-11 months. Under AB5, driver’s earnings would double, possibly triple what they are earning now, with no required loss of flexibility or the ability to work for multiple companies. Under AB22, their income would increase to just under $6/hour and about $.015/mile on average. Still an improvement, but not nearly enough to cover commercial insurance, depreciation, tires, brakes, car payment, registration, maintenance and repairs, and gas, and wages much less than minimum wage. I hope the court tells the backers of AB22 that AB5 is effective until the new law takes effect in January. This will let drivers know what they SHOULD be earning, and will make it much more difficult to pull this same smoke and mirrors scheme on drivers in other states, as they have said they plan to.

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