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6G Is Go Quantum Leaping ..... China Boldly Goes One Small Step for Mankind Giant Leaping*

Further to the above post entitled ....Re: The Bull in the China Shop with Rose Tinted Blinkers on all the Way to the Bank?

There does appear to be something of obvious concern to that which and/or those who may worthy of having every rightful fearful reason to be concerned by breaking developments in fields of communications with extensive extreme virtual capability and facility in which they have zero control and zero 0day command ..... for what other implausible reason would justify the comment posted in reply and laying out an AIMarket Stall on laying out an AIMarket Stall on being removed from universal view?

* ...... Definitely a market to establish a commanding long position in in order to guarantee unhindered constant delivery of bounteous reward beyond one's wildest dreams ..... China leapfrogs world with first 6G experimental satellite ...... for that is surely definitely where AI and IT is all at presently nowadays, heralding the future with novel inexperienced technologies championing noble artistic agents and their agencies, both heaven sent and hell bent on displaying their finest of wares, ......... which is bound to trigger all manner of knee jerk reactions and core intellectual property meltdowns drawing attention to a self-destructive arrogant ignorance that once was pimped and pumped and preened as an advanced intelligence exercised by and known only to a Chosen Few.

Flash Breaking Stop Press News re All of the Above, El Reg ....... Times and Spaces have Changed, Advanced Intelligence has Evolved and Virtual Machinery has Resolved the Riddle that Prevented Prior Rapid Supply of Human Progress. And if one were to delve deeper and realise such Times and Spaces have consciously been changed, it does beg the ultimate money-shot question the answer to which so many would struggle to freely accept and wholeheartedly believe should they be told ........ Changed by Whom and/or What if not Advanced IntelAIgents?

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