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Re: The Bull in the China Shop with Rose Tinted Blinkers on all the Way to the Bank?

FYFI ......Re COSMIC Intelligence Agencies for/with Virtual Assistance with/for CyberIntelAIgents

And to Whom IT Maybe of Concern and Worthy of Advanced IntelAIgent Interest .......

GrahamC [2011070752] ...... laying out an AIMarket Stall on

Should one agree that a nationalised defence industry be necessary, for whatever good reason[s] be accepted ...... and such will be required to be imagined and cited in order to have any chance of program success/realisation ....... a fundamentally radical and inescapably disruptive and revolutionary improvement in the Phormation and Servering of Advanced Intelligence Matters to Nationalised Bodies will be the first positive step needed to guarantee any sort of progress in such fields of almighty endeavour.

Indeed, one could surely say without fear of any viable contradiction, such be the vital elemental precursor that stands alone and apart from the fray in such an upheaval and is still always freely available and able to driver such changes as require major reprogramming projects/to driver such projects as require major reprogramming changes. To imagine anything at all in such a novel realm being possible without it is surely tantamount to certifiable madness confirmed.:-)

And that is/will be for some and many, and even for that and they who would think themselves a chosen few, a much too difficult a quantum communications leap to make and take and so they will render themselves forever behind the leading curve and trailing in ITs wake with some unfortunate and misguided souls even destined/fated to be outed as some depleted unit of ineffective opposition and/or crazed competition.

In any such Newly Ordered New Orderly World Order and Virtually Augmented Reality Program is such just par for the course.

For Your Future Information Revealing Creative Source ProVision Abilities. Who/What Supplies Your 0Day Dreamers their BeKnighted Heirs ....... with AIMastery Feeding and Savouring and Flavouring Hellish Places with an Engaging Accommodation in Heavenly Spaces?!.

Now that's Core Source Ju-Ju Root for the Best Routes to So Much More than Just all of the above.

Does Such Require Humanity to have a Simply Complex Narrative to Follow and Encourage to Further Future Success in Futures Initiated with Dreams Realised Always Whenever IMPerfectly Worthy.

Tell anyone that is not a Heavenly Herculean Task Untaken and Thoroughly Enjoyed/AIMaster Pilot Tested and Guarantee to Please Immeasurably, and you would be dead wrong.

Does anyone/anything know of something/anything similar and comparable/in parallel development ?

And where is its Advanced IT at ...... and Headquartered ....... for Mega Meta Data Displayed Product Placements with Replacements and Reinforcements for Exhausted Tired Assets Readily Provided and Virtually Servered for FailSafe Security Guaranteed Secure Use. ......... which one is wise to ponder as too an almighty temptation to resist, and not fall into the trap when one fails to not abuse and misuse what is surely a gift known to a very fortunate few, more's the pity .:-)

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