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Mr/ Bailey is just making the point that if you're going to be handing out decent salaries, pensions and the like then it can only be to the upper echelons of a private company.

Here in the US we have a living example of how this works. Los Angeles City owns its own water and power utilieis so the LADWP is a publicly owned utility. As such it comes into a lot of this sort of thing about how it pays its workforce and so on and how it rips of customers and how the city council raids the utility to subsidze its budget. In the greater LA area power is provided by Southern California Edison. This is a private utility that charges about the same rate as LADWP but doesn't get any crticism about how it performs and how it diverts money to the workforce, bonuses to the upper echelons and dividends to shareholders. That's OK, you see -- its only a problem if the utility is owned by the public.

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