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Re: The FBI missed a site

But them Liberals *really* are trying to bring Sharia law to the USA!

They really do have a terrorist wing called Antifa!

Hunter Biden really did something with emails in Ukraine that must be bad, if only we hadn't lost the only copy of the emails!

Happy Holidays? Say Happy Christmas AND New Year AND thanksgiving like Jesus did!

Coronavirus really is nothing but mild flu AND/OR a deadly Chinese military bio-weapon!

Russiangate is a hoax, AND/OR if Trump wants to make USA Russia's bitch how dare we stop him!

Look over here GAY TREES! Don't look over there, nothing happening over there, GAY TREES! G-A-Y T-R-E-E-E-E-S

Fox News is not a domestic propaganda network, trying to shut down the vote count and undermine democracy. No!

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