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@"endemic domestic disinformation is the real problem."

Is there a difference?

Russians with it's fake Antifa website and twitter accounts pretending to be an organized terrorist unit with a command structure, Trump did the 'antifa are an organized terrorist unit', thing. Two sides, fake antagonist and fake protagonist. Part Republican, part Russian. A ying and yang double act. Get a room you two, preferably with steel bars and a toilet in the corner.

Domestic propaganda working with foreign agent propaganda. What's the difference.

Without the US side, the Iranians simply made a website with no traction. It's like the zerohedge guys from Bulgaria, they don't have traction without the US media pumping their site they don't get many views:

"In September 2009, news reports identified Daniel Ivandjiiski, a Bulgarian-born, U.S.-educated,[d] former hedge-fund trader, who was barred from the securities industry in September 2008 for earning US$780 from an insider trade by FINRA,[36] as the founder of the site, and reported that "Tyler Durden" was a pseudonym for Ivandjiiski."

It's often cited as a US right wing source, while actually being a Bulgarian source often running some Russian set pieces. I've seen it quote recently here on elReg:

"On 20 November 2019, NBC News reported Zero Hedge as the initial source of a "misleading claim about the head of the Ukrainian energy company at the heart of the House impeachment inquiry", which went viral during the impeachment hearings."

Iran should have paid a Republican and done a proper co-ordinated effort. One American Network, Breitbart, Paul Manasfort, all for hire.

Trump is only anti-Iran because he's supposed to drive them towards Russia. Iran could have simply done a deal with Putin with quid-pro-quo for Trump and he'd be inviting them to Camp David!

Don't believe me? Well Trump invited the Taliban to Camp David, even has Russian was paying Taliban to kill US troops!

I've never heard of that website from Iran, I bet if you did the page count it would be nothing, FBI probably did more promotion for it than it ever got in real life.

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