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If I were Huawei

If I were Huawei, I would first develop an long term interface for their phones allowing generic OS to load and run (like the pinephone64 is trying to do). Then spread some seed money to start up a couple of independent software companies in the US and/or Europe aiming to take advantage of that hardware platform interface to build new OS and services that can rely on the long term existence of that interface.

Then they can ship there phones with empty RAM, or some reference implementation of an OS, and the purchaser can load their own choice of free OS, or purchase an OS subscription with updates. Hopefully some of those OS would be privacy oriented. The impact on the market would be far greater than any anti trust action could ever be.

However, I predict that Huawei will want to control the OS hoping to be like Google but with their own super hardware. So the above scenario will never happen.

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