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Node.js 15: What's new, what's coming, and keeping pace with Deno. 'We're not going to reinvent' module ecosystem


Other people would like a warning and if they look at the code and they know it'll run ok they want it to compile.

"compile"? You mean "lint"?

I prefer languages that at least tries to steer developers the right way. A lot of crap can be caught by a half-decent compiler. I would hesitate to replace a compiler with additional unit tests.

const a = ["2", "1", "3"]

i = 1.5


TypeScript helps, but when the foundation is shaky... I get the feeling that many companies hire entry-level developers, set them up with subpar tools and then hope for the best. For products that are meant to live more than a handful years, this is a very expensive way of running things.

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