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Cambodia launches blockchain-powered peer-to-peer payments, hopes it crushes cash

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Oh yes it is/they are. C'est la Vie

Cambodia isn't in a position to influence neighbouring states. .... Dave 126

Anyone/Any country with a simply great and attractive idea is in a position to influence neighbouring states ....... and even those farther afield. That's all it takes. It aint rocket science.

And that doesn't need to be home grown either, for such can very easily be an export imported into a nation from another body which could be anywhere, near or far, relatively local or distinctly foreign.

And nowadays such can be done practically instantly .... in a virtual crash causing flash via these readily available vivid virile viral communicative means ...... and of course, that can be worrying too for some who would be exposed as rightly vulnerable to justifiable retribution because of the way things formerly were, but such is in the inherent nature of these new fangled and entangling 0day internetworking exploit things.

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