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Node.js 15: What's new, what's coming, and keeping pace with Deno. 'We're not going to reinvent' module ecosystem


Nope, I certainly can't explain that...

I think it's utter madness but there's plenty of folks who seem to love it.

The only real argument I've heard in defence of doing this is that it means that developers can write the full stack code in the same language.

Personally I find the utterly massive number of cascading dependencies pulled in by npm to be quite terrifying.

It's quite cool that it does an analysis of known CVEs when you're installing a module.

I suppose if I were to say something positive about JavaScript - they do at least work hard to improve it and the ECMA Script of today isn't quite as bad as the old hag we all wanted to take round the back a few years ago.

I'd still rather develop the back end in just about anything else though.

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