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All those ‘teleworking is the new normal’ predictions? Not so much, say bosses

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@" people have been asked to engage in some basic, straightforward precautions to avoid spreading a disease" what evidence do you offer to support the premise that the current lockdowns whilst opening schools are effective. For me the schools were the prime vector with children being infected in school and bringing it home to infect the rest of the family. Not everyone can afford home delivery of food but I would say that the controls applied at the shops are amature applied by amatures. This given that shop workers are not required to have any medical or scietific training in order to stock shelves and run a till.

@"mask police" there are a percentage of people who would have joined the police but were rejected for various reasons. Giving power to these people who want to dictate the behaviour of others without oversight was always going to result in resentment. We already had police and an army and where are they and what are they doing if not their jobs, why must we instead recruit busybodies to do their jobs?

Simply because the busybodies want the power enough to expose themselves where the police do not.

So your idea is based upon the idea that everyone is equally likely to be a carrier but I would say that if schools had not been reopened as free babysitting then there would have been less carriers and so less of a problem and no need to bring in amatures without the tools to be effective in their task.

The majority of infections did not occur in shops or open public places but in schools and over-crowded accomodation. The later is, I suggest, an increasing source vector as people attempt to move out of infected areas taking their infection with them to their new home but the schools of carriers has to be the major vector in the UK.

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