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Xi Jinping tells China to get busy quickening quantum everything to build 'new advantages for development'

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One born every minute

"During a group study session of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee held on Friday, Xi... said quantum science and technology is at the forefront of a new round of sci-tech and industrial revolutions."

"Quantum science and technology is the study and application of the physical properties of matter at the scale of atoms and particles. The foundational theory of quantum physics is quantum mechanics, and the current three major applications of quantum physics are quantum communication, quantum computing and quantum precision measurement."

"For decades, scientists have believed that harnessing the bizarre phenomena of quantum mechanics could lead to ultra-secure communication for political, economic and military use."

Once you stop pretending you don't understand how this works:

You should focus on high temperature superconductors (electricity transmission etc), room temperature super magnets (super efficient motors), ovens that become time machines (bake your experiment for 30 minutes in the magic oven to elapse 10 years in time), anti-gravity and so on.

Did he do a blockchain speech last year and a VR one the year before? Because it seems a bit like warmed up leftovers.

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