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Beware 32-bit!

The choice of Linux distros that are 32-bit capable will narrow as time proceeds. Mint 19.3, supported until April 2023, is available for 32-bit. The successor Mint 20 is not! And the basis for Mint 20, Ubuntu 2004, has several aspects not welcome (packet format 'snap' and the corresponding proprietary app-store is one of them).

I am in the process of migrating many machines (mine and customer's) running Mint to LMDE. That is based on debian directly without deviation over Ubuntu. LMDE 4 still is 32-bit capable. Only backlash is that currently it comes with DE Cinnamon which is a resource-hog, not quite apt for elderly machines. But just replace it by DE Mate an you're done. :-) Happy ever since ...

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