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Probably about 6 months too late for this, but, if you've been good to your IT folks, obsoleted work laptops may be available.

I have a couple (Dell M4400 and E6400), won at a raffle they held to dispose of corporate gear that had exceeded its statistical (but not practical) lifetime. They replace laptops on a 3-year cycle. Withdrawn ones are still perfectly useful, but not worth the hassle of repairing...or something like that.

You'll need to spring for a new HDD (around $80 for a SSD, so no worries about mechanical damage, and faster, to boot) and install Linux on it. Its not too well known, but once you remove Windows, the remote management and antivirus software, those laptops are quite zippy running Linux Mint.

There's wisdom in remembering your IT bods at holiday time. They remember you at equipment disposal time.

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