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Need a new computer for homeschooling? You can do worse than a sub-£30 2007 MacBook off eBay

mark l 2 Silver badge

I bought a 2007 Dell Latitude D series without a hard drive in 2011 for £40, used it as my daily driver until last year when the motherboard died. I ended up breaking it for parts and managed to get £20 for the LCD on ebay plus a few quid for other bits such as CPU fan, memory etc

I have now upgraded to a second hand 2016 Thinkpad I got for £80 from ebay, and thanks to running Linux it was just a hard drive swap and I was up and running again in minutes.

Although there is a risk that something could fail on them after a few months buying a used laptop, I am willing to take the risk. As I could buy two and keep one as a spare and still have money left from the price of the cheapest new laptop from the likes of PCword

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