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Need a new computer for homeschooling? You can do worse than a sub-£30 2007 MacBook off eBay

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My Mid 2010 MacBook Pro can run High Sierra, which is 2, soon to be 3 versions of MacOS out of date. It had a security update pretty recently. Runs the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, runs Office 2019, and the latest versions of Zoom, Teams, Skype, WhatsApp, Remote Desktop, Citrix Workspace, and so on. The version of Safari that ships with High Sierra can browse modern websites fine.

It’s on its 3rd replacement battery, I maxed out the RAM to 8GB, and replaced the mechanical drive with a 1TB SSD.

Latest version of VMWare Fusion it will run is v8, we are now on v12. That will allow Windows 10 to run, though only at a barely useable speed after stripping out most of the bloat. Server 2019 fares a bit better. Windows 8 runs at a useable speed, but it is Windows 8, so otherwise not really usable without extensive modification.

It is definitely not a gaming computer.

It only has USB 2, and Firewire, but there aren’t really any modern peripherals that use it. It can output to one external monitor at 1080p with an hdmi adapter or 1440p with a displayport adapter.

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