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Need a new computer for homeschooling? You can do worse than a sub-£30 2007 MacBook off eBay

karlkarl Silver badge

For £30 you could get an ex-business surplus ThinkPad like an X61.

And that not only will run the latest consumer OS but is also generally much better supported on free operating systems like Linux and BSD with a much more recent Core 2 Duo processor.

It is a hard choice because I like the novelty of a PowerPC laptop but ThinkPads are just better in the long run for everything I do.

That said, I suppose with Linux these days, other than slightly less packages, you don't even notice you are running a non-intel machine. I am eying up those Talos II POWER9 machines from Raptor Computing for my next workstation (due for a replacement in another 3-4 years).

I also dislike the look of macbooks oddly enough. They look like toys rather than tools and the OS just feels like an "old" install of FreeBSD with an ugly heavy window manager.

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