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Rock Stars

just pick up the phone.

" short videos often allow users to click on products depicted in a frame to be transported to an e-commerce site where they can acquire whatever it is caught their eye."

Courtney Love in conversation with Stevie Nicks. Spin Magazine October 1997

CL: ... While we're on the subject, tell me about your rose Porsche.

SN: Me and a bunch of my friends were in my house in Phoenix, we were up all night doing lots of cocaine and watching that movie Risky Business. That's one of my favourites. And I just made a call and that Porsche was delivered.

CL: You said "I want a rose Porsche"?

SN: I said, I want the same Porsche that's in Risky Business.

CL: There's a Porsche in Risky Business?

SN: Yes, there is. And I bought it. That morning.

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