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For Foxit's sake: Windows and Mac users alike urged to patch PhantomPDF over use-after-free vulns

Hubert Cumberdale Silver badge

"The software suite is widely used for manipulating PDFs, particularly by people whom, for whatever reason, eschew Adobe's products and pricing model."

Quite. Ignoring the unfortnate grammar flub, I really won't go near Acrobat these days due to epic bloat. I'll often let Firefox show me PDFs, but otherwise I use PDF-XChange Viewer* (because it's mildly less PLEASE PAY FOR ME than Foxit).

* Edit: Just seen that "PDF-XChange Viewer has been discontinued and replaced by PDF-XChange Editor - which is now available and includes all the features of the Viewer and much, much more..." Well, shit. So much for no bloat.

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