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It's what happens when you get a region or country where overly prudish religious zealots (and, yes, zealots of more than one religion like to do this, I'm not explicitly highlighting just one) attempt to define (very restrictive) moral values.

I think the sort of saliciousness they would be referring to might be such absolutely vile things as young women (and possibly also young men) engaging in such reprehensible activities as wiggling their hips, pouting, dancing (possibly even Listening To Music!), wearing clothing that reveals even the tiniest bit of naked skin, and any other activities which might in even a small way remind us of the joys of being alive or excite the sort of basic and perfectly natural animal instincts without which (and here's the part they always seem to forget) none of us would actually be here.

There are probably some users who might even be revealing sufficient skin that such a video might later come back to embarrass them, but it's their choice, their body, and the issue there is surely education about the risks of over sharing online (ah, education, and encouragement of independent thought, especially for young women, I sense another problem brewing there), rather than seeking to ban an outlet for self expression (even if it might be mostly vacuous and stupid).

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