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All it took was a global pandemic confining millions to their homes to remind businesses how much they appreciate the IT crowd

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Anonymous Coward

"Appreciate"??? Not this droid!

After a torrid couple of years as one-man security dept for a firm with turnover well over the £1bn level (5000 users, financial services), they hired the most unpleasant, bullying, mendacious, clue-void I've ever had the profound misfortune to work for as head of security. Three months trying to diplomatically save him from his own stupidity and ignorance followed by three months writing brain-dump documentation, followed by redundancy at the end of last year. (Did you know the legal minimum is now two weeks' pay per year of service? Me neither.) Six months later the firm had worked out just how awful he was and how much wool he'd pulled over their eyes about the value for money he'd got for the shiny new multi-million pound budget they gave him, and fired him. Oh well, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing he's also completely fucked financially!

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