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Welp, it is the season for silicon mega-mergers... AMD rumored to be in advanced talks to buy FPGA slinger Xilinx for $30bn+

Lee D

So AMD bought ATI and maybe now Xilinx.

nVidia bought ARM.

So that leaves one large CPU player, Intel, with... who? What graphics chip company could they buy? PowerVR? What large, well-known, billions-of-chips company would match their rivals? Some AI player nobody has ever heard of?

Intel are really going to suffer, especially if "CPU/GPU" becomes a single discrete chip, as it's already heading that way. Who wants Intel HD graphics? Hell, the only decent combination they ever had was Optimus with nVidia and even that could be a pain in the backside. I bet nVidia are far less inclined to partner with them now that they own one of the largest CPU companies in the world, with one of the most popular CPU lines ever, in a multitude of industries.

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