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Yes, it's down again: Microsoft's Office 365 takes yet another mid-week tumble, Azure also unwell

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> Really? Effective planning matters in the cloud as much as it would have done for on-prem.

Of course it does, it arguably matters *more* since so much of the infrastructure is outside your control, so you need to allow for more "what if?" contingencies at minimum.

But you're missing (dodging?) an important point: (most) companies don't consider that in their rush to the cloud. They've been told (sold) that "it's easy" and "it never goes down" and "it's someone else's problem" and so on. May as well have said "it's magic!" and have done with it.

Anyone who has done IT duty for a while knows that's pretty much bollocks, but that hardly matters when the big wheel execs and their pet beancounters are swallowing the marketing.

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