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He doesnt give a damn, except money. The very reason he de-merged TT from Carphone Warehouse, hoping to cash up from this retail arm, because consolidation was the happening thing in Telecoms. ( Three wanted to buy O2 to use their infra for 5G, VodaCON looking for landline partners for home BB, VirginMedia shuffling in their shoes (now with O2), BT takeover of EE, 5G on the horizon etc)

Unfortunately, the markets have tanked and he might just have to lick it, else hold out for another 2 years at least to achieve last year's offer price.

Consumers will suffer due to this VC takeovers with inevitable price rises.

BT alread has announced price rises, which trickle down to other Openreach networks. Why the F*** should we pay for shitty footballers' indulgences and fancy haircuts?

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