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With the old BIOS system, all I had to do is flash the bios with an update - only problem was I occasionally got messages refusing to do it, saying it was an old update, and only a new one was acceptable. What would prevent a modified UEFI firmware from doing the same thing?

I don't remember how I solved it - too many years ago; but I also discovered the malware that did it was hiding on disc sectors marked as damaged by Windows error checking, these sectors were not actually damaged, of course - the only way to destroy them was to run an OEM disc diagnostic routine that stomped on all disc space during the test. This killed anything that wasn't actually damaged. Apparently the malware was able to flag sectors as damaged much the way the disc check program did. Malware scanners didn't bother to scan those areas. Clean installing the OS didn't solve it either, for the same reason.

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