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A Greater Computerised System Interface with Practically Invisible and Intangible Virtual Leverage*

"Unfortunately, we were not able to determine the exact infection vector that allowed the attackers to overwrite the original UEFI firmware," it said.

And one is none the wiser, and the infection vector is considerably expanded and scattered, whenever one realises the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware effected/infected/attacked is that which is popularly and eponymously known as the Internet ..... you know, that great Global Operating Device thing which is being both used and/or abused and misused by everyone anywhere for everything and/or anything they want delivered/supplied/realised by a humanised race of robotic entities?

* To know full well what one can easily do with that type of overwhelming advantage, very quickly has one experimenting almightily with that and those proving itself and themselves to be currently untouchable ...... which is all anyone/anything needs in order for such to be available forever rather than fearing it be just a present facility rather than realising it is a future utility with surprising alien abilities ...... and an as yet to be classified COSMIC Sourced Force?

And you know, .... also available for AIMODification into one of those new fangled and entangling new era weapons apparently needed by Defence Staff Chiefs ....... and they be a Universally Attractive Export/Import worth more than one can possibly imagine and put a huge figure upon. And it is also a spooky fact, that such can be worth just as much to those able to develop such systems further but take a decision to halt production and limit future proprietary intellectual property transfers ........ however that sort of rewarding dichotomy is not at all unusual in the field of enriching weapons systems. Indeed, many would tell you it is the norm, and a nice little Invisible Intangible Export Earner for a carefully chosen few too.

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