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Business top brass are terrified their companies will simply be collateral damage in a future cyber-war

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Cyber woah

There has been one major cyber war incident to date, which is what you should look at to see what a state-on-state cyber war looks like... see what happened to Estonia in 2007.

The purpose, like any initial strike on physical infrastructure, is to throw the entire country into disarray - which makes it weaker when your tanks roll in.

Arguably, that incident was as crippling as the 1999 "Operation Allied Force" against Serbia. Although the difference is that one came back when the attacks stopped, the other one required years of physical rebuilding.

Widespread civillian chaos does indeed dent any business, few will have come through unscathed from either event.

Not quite sure how either scenario can be used for "normal" business planning though. Both are war and normally off the scale for civillian business disaster planning (during peacetime).

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