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Singapore InterNet - Hardly Unfettered and Definitely Not 'Free'

Visitors to the island state should understand Singapore is an authoritarian state dressed up to look nice.

The 'domestic' InterNet is usage heavily monitored, similarly to the Chinese Fire Wall and many URLs are not accessible, Commercial subscribers have unfettered access to the world InterNet but they, too, are similarly monitored and the police are known to occasionally visit commercial users to instruct them on the proper use of the InterNet.

Naturally, cell services are similarly monitored to ensure 'proper' use of the facilities. The only communications with free access to the world are satellite based. BTW, ensure your Bluetooth remains 'off'.

Remember, too, Echelon-member GCHQ has a listening station, within a well-known centrally located Army camp.

Addendum: The article mentions 'fresh water'. Singapore proudly recycles sewer water - best to buy bottled! (Check: )

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