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Business top brass are terrified their companies will simply be collateral damage in a future cyber-war

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In all wars there is collateral damage, why should a cyber-war any different? The probable good thing about a cyber-war is that the collateral damage is less likely to kill people. ..... cosymart

Cyber-warfare targets the Virtual Machine Systems most likely to kill people. Acceptable collateral damage would be its enabler operands on pilot pilotless missions which/who choose to not threaten to turn capabilities fire on both vital and virtual home base assets in order to stop cyber-warfare targeting the Virtual Machine Systems most likely to kill people ...... and even perversely, liking killing people.

That's a Renegade Rogue Virtual Killing Machine System humans might like to certainly do without, harboured in their midst, and preying on live prized assets.

What say y'all? A legitimate target for Wilful Machine Deconstruction with or without Weapons of Mass Destructive Assistance? Don't be coy now, for you are being asked for your honest opinion about a matter than directly affects everything and everyone living on planet Earth ...... and beyond too ........ so it is neither really unimportant nor virtually inconsequential.

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