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Business top brass are terrified their companies will simply be collateral damage in a future cyber-war


so NOW they want to take cyber seriously

we who work within IT any ANY level are probably aware that it doesn't take much to push a Co out of action. WE lost access to VPN recently, NOT an attack, just bad whatever :o)

took a day to recover, and we lost everyone working from home from L1 through L2 L3 just two people missed it, and we were effectively TOAST for that one day

but are the Co looking to attempt to ensure our response is better, our VPN is more robust ............. ?

No, they just carry on, say, whoo, we were lucky there and that's it

we have never been able to get anyone to take IT security seriously until it's too late

and THEN, it's IT's fault ffs

talk about Catch22 :o(

I DREAM of the day that software that is secure BY DESIGN is a thing, and is an EXPECTED thing

when admins say we can't do that, because it opens us up to xy+z dangers, AND PEOPLE LISTEN

until then, I have you

so buckle up buttercup

'cos these rants are probably not going away any time soon :o(

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