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I'm the OP AC (not that I can prove that of course!).

From what I know, we had someone new join the company, straight in at an exec level in the USA, and who had the ear of the CEO etc (probably golfing buddies!).

Rumour has it, that while the exec got a nice shinny new top end laptop/netbook, their PA had a standard company issued netbook straight from the pool (so a pre-used one that still had a HDD, 8GB mem, slow 4 thread CPU etc), i.e. same as probably 95% of the workforce. (We had lots in the pool due to many redundancies in recent years, i.e. annual head-count-reduction programmes!).

The exec apparently noticed how slow their PAs netbook was to boot up and just use in general, and they happened to be in the right part of the food chain to be able to dictate things around PC builds etc. So they had someone look into it.

This has happened before (the looking into it), I had a long chat with one of the PMs about 10 years ago, and they'd been tasked with looking at this very issue. They found we had things like three different auditing application with background services all doing audits at the same time, all implemented by different people at different times with slightly different requirements! Rather than just picking one tool to audit what was on the PCs, they just added an additional one each time! Plus things like over zealous AV settings that would do a full system scan every time the definitions were updated, which was typically twice a week and took about 6 hours on my PC. Plus of course all these were started at the same time, usually just after boot up! But the project to do the work, never happened.

This time round, seems the exec had some funding, and managed to push a business case through (people wasting time, reduced software licencing (McAfee etc) etc vs tools provided by MS that were most likely already included in existing licences, just not used), and so this time we actually got the new image!

Didn't even need to send the laptop/netbook in to get done, you can do an in-place upgrade (just run from the desktop), which resolves most issues, or create a bootable USB, which wipes the PC and puts a fresh install on, which resolves the same issues, but also enables a bunch of other features that you don't get with the in-place upgrade, that just make life easier, like Windows Hello, so I can use the fingerprint reader (was disabled by policy before) or camera, or even a fixed PIN number to log in!

Apparently they also updated the refresh programme, previously it was just if PC > 4 years old, get one from the pool, now its if PC > 4 years old OR has a HDD fitted, get one from the pool. But the pool has also been purged to get rid of all the older models, base spec now being 8 thread CPU, 16GB mem, and an SSD.

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