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Quote: "...and the home users would be doing the same if only they could manage to uninstall the damned Mcafee/Symantec thing which seemingly digs in deeper than a chinese hacker".

Quite a few years ago my parents had got themselves a basic laptop, and this came with McAfee pre-installed. Usual three months free situation.

I turned up to visit, and seems the free period was up, so my Dad had had a go uninstalling it, he'd done this before for other apps. But each re-boot, McAfee came back, seemingly some sort of auto repair process!

By the time I looked at it, it was a mess, McAfee itself wasn't running properly (errors on login), and none of the list McAfee 'apps' in Windows could be uninstalled, throwing errors each time.

Even a McAfee removal tool, and a 3rd party one, didn't work, and trying to do a fresh install of McAfee over the top, in order to then remove it afterwards, also failed with errors!

I ended up using Safe Mode and other tricks, to physically remove all McAfee components and registry entries by hand. This took at least three goes, as a reboot and McAfee would try to re-install itself again, but fail! So would put some things back that I'd removed already. Once complete I then ran check disk and a reg clean up tool (carefully!), to clean up any remaining McAfee related stragglers like dlls etc.

In hindsight, I should have just backed up my dads documents, wiped the machine and installed Windows fresh. But this was back in the days when you didn't get install media with the OEM machines, and I didn't have a copy of Windows on me. (He was an MS Office user, so Linux wasn't an option either, and this was before the days of O365).

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