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How many corps are now dropping McAfee? Or are still using it?

I work for a 50,000+ US corp, although I'm based in the UK.

We've been using McAfee for decades, as AV, policy enforcement, auditing, firewall etc. i.e. a full suite.

It's always been an absolute nightmare, major resource hog, especially on a HDD, with services that really should be background tasks, seeming to run at the same priority as the user, so fight with the user for CPU resources all the time, and an auto update process that would only update so much, with Windows eventually warning you that McAfee was out of date, and requiring you to launch McAfee and hit the update button yourself!

For years I've booted up my laptop on a morning, logged in, then locked the screen and gone for a coffee, or breakfast, then come back, as the machine would basically be unusable for at least 10 mins. This was helped a little bit by SSDs replacing HDDs over time, but that's just obscuring the issues, rather than fixing them.

Didn't matter how much complaining was done, no one ever seemed to look into it.

Then suddenly late last year, a compete new Windows 10 Enterprise 1909 image was created, almost all 3rd party tools were dropped, including McAfee, Adobe etc, replaced by standard Microsoft features where available (AV, policy enforcement, Firewall etc). With the only 3rd party tools remaining being a VPN client (which is the same as we used before), and a security tool (a secure proxy for all Internet traffic when not on the corp LAN). Even the image itself was a massive improvement, the previous one being full of custom scripting, which took all day to run, the new image is just a slightly customised wrapper around the standard MS Win 10 installer/updater.

The laptop, once McAfee was gone, was noticeable faster, especially on login after a cold boot up. I can now log in, and after a few seconds start using the machine.

I say goodbye and good riddance to McAfee, I hope never to see you again.

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