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US finds new Huawei to hurt China with new sanctions at top chip maker SMIC


It's Amazing How Petty The USA & Fearless Leader Trump Can Get

One of the biggest reasons not to buy US products is because of the long 'tail' that follows them.

The U.S. has for decades used aircraft instrumentation to limit sales of foreign manufactured aircraft - think Iran. Fortunately it is extremely easy to circumvent, think of a Chinese aircraft that was stolen and flown into TaiWan years ago. It was filled with US manufactured chips.

My employer uses Chinese manufactured integrated circuits and we can order custom pin-outs for quantities as low as 500 pieces. Try that from a US manufacturer. Anyone who has used a 555 chip are well aware of the pairing of 2 sets of pins - a real pain for PCB designers. When we go to North Korea we carry numerous spare parts manufactured in the USA because the Trump stupidity is something we don't bother about.

The US should remember that the Chinese hold US debt as well being the source of rare metals used in some security enterprises and a quick jerk of those strings would be a painful lesson for Washington to learn.

Many 'empires' have collapsed - look at Britain - the US will collapse too.

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