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Not a seller's paradise..

I've had a few friends that tried to make money on eBay only to be defrauded and lambasted by nasty customers with false claims of mistreatment. As a seller you couldn't do anything to bad customers or eBay would block your store front. You just couldn't win, from what I've seen. I do business with eBay, but I do it with shame on my face, because it is the most trouble free way to find what I want at a reasonable price.

I have to admit, I only buy from sellers with a good history, so I can see why it might be so difficult to get established - but I still harbor some resentment on how merchants are treated on that site. In fact one of my friends moved to Amazon and liked it much better there. At least he wasn't treated like dog doo-doo, and the customer base is better there too!

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