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You are correct there. If the half in, half out approach is ever implemented, it will probably be from an accountant's pen. I predict that it will be against the groans of most of the workers though. I don't agree about family friendly, as neither approach seems to be convenient from that perspective. Working from home when children are also at home seems to irritate those of my colleagues who have children, and it doesn't really help add flexibility if the parent needs to go help the children for a long period. This is especially true if the schedule for when to go to the office is firm, as in the parent doesn't have the choice to work from home on the day they will have the most obligations to help their children.

My objections may be rooted in my dislike for a large, disorganized open plan office, especially one with hotdesking. I think, however, that my dislike is not quite unique. I can easily organize my affairs if I'm to be working from home forever or for a long period; I have done so successfully this time. Having no children helps with this, but even if I did have to set up a better environment for working while being near children, I could do it with enough time. I can also easily structure routines around going to an office. Having to do both and frequently switch between them would annoy me a lot.

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