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"I don't think it was ever in doubt that those industries or businesses with a high dose of control-freak manglement can't wait to people back under their eyeballs."


I was very pleased to hear that a control-freak manager has left at my work. I presume all the design engineers working from home was beyond his micro-management capabilities.

The message I have from proper managers at work is to keep working from home if you can. The production staff now have more room to work, so social distancing can be organised. We were actually getting pressed for space, so maybe all these people working from home has saved us an expensive move.

I am still getting used to teleconferencing. I have been using emails for months, but this can be terribly slow if you need some kind of chit-chat. My boss reckons a lot of time is wasted on a normal office routine. He said he could not see the point of commuting between two computers. Working from home is here to stay.

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