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see second post AC1, "Hopefully the resistance to "martial law" (aka infection control in population)" and was presented as being a limit/ironic punishment upon those that refuse to follow "reasonable restrictions" on behaviour so as to "limit" infection. That AC1 believes it is possible to isolate forever and is oblivious to the fact that when schools/universities reopened in the UK it caused an immediate spike in infections should have suggested isolation is just delaying the inevitable.

AC1's view is held by many terrified of infection due to press and Government using it to gain sales and power so as to put whatever they like into law.

For my part I has the intestinal infection and then the pneumatic and deal with both in under 4 hours each. I self isolated before it was a thing because it was moral to do so and informed my child's school at the last since they were the only possible vector. I didn't need to be told what to do it was dictated by my upbringing rather than political mandate that I do not infect my peers.

Then came the school and country closing whilst Boris had to kissup to the NHS, the very target he and his party have spent decades defunding but would now use to push through what they saw as most important i.e. brexit. Laugh with me at the irony as they try to use their ill-gotten gains to flee the country and the infection they caused only to be thwarted as they are recognised as wanton carriers they are.

I for one have no fear for myself from COVID, I will live or die based purely upon my upbringing and body's capacity to deal with the infection. So far it has worked but if I loose in the end then I do not want it to be because I limited others freedoms or resources, I accept that I was unfit for the new niche and may my last throught be that I didnt make it worse that it already was.

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