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I'm not sure your idea will work. It sounds unpleasant to me, at least. In my opinion, the benefits of an office are for better coordination between team members, the benefits of working from home are convenience and extra time, and the benefits to trying to improvise one or both of those are few. Having a team in an office where people know where all the people are makes it easy to organically ask questions and meet in person, so if you have small hot-desking offices, you lose most of that. People won't necessarily know whether the people they want are there, it's not convenient to meet in a big open plan area, all that. Similarly, trying to create a team geographically by home address is a recipe for chaos (or a license to print money for someone who writes the software to do it for you).

This solution also loses most of the benefits of working from home. If people work from home all the time, they don't have to be in a suburban area or near something specific, meaning it's easier to hire people from a greater distance and to allow existing employees to move without disrupting their careers. If people still have to work from home but they have to stay near to where the office used to be, that benefit is lost. In general, I think most companies should plan for each employee to primarily work from home or primarily work in an office rather than making them alternate between the two.

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